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The Importance Of Personal Recommendation

Key findings from our research

Personal recommendations are the most important factor that influences consumer decisions when making a purchase whether it's a product or a service. Recommendations are very crucial at all stages of the purchase cycle, from getting to know about a product/service to making the final decision to buy.

Searching out  a good builder or good suppliers, can be a difficult task and among all the factors you would consider in making a purchase decision, recommendations stand out as the most important.  

According to research, over 8 out of every10 purchases are influenced by a personal recommendation. Posting reviews about tradesmen's work is a new method of recommending businesses and is trending online now. However we understand that these reviews can be manipulated and as such we do not base our selective criteria too much on these types of reviews. Instead we focus on encouraging members and visitors alike to recommend good businesses.

We are delighted to get such suggestions from our visitors, whether it’s a shop that is consistent with their promised 24 hours delivery or it’s a plumber that always never disappoints. This will enable build a site based on 100% verified reputation. Kindly use the form below to inform us about that great business now.

Once we get your message, an invitation will be sent to them to register on our site so that others can benefit from their creditable services.

Please fill in the below form with your query and we will get back to you.

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