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We thank you for your interest 

As you are already aware, adding a business on Reliable Tradesman is only possible if you have a valid invitation code. Tradesmen without a valid invitation code CANNOT ADD their business on Reliable Tradesman.
Also is good to know that invitation codes are not availible publicly online and also you cannot get one on request. 

Here are some genuine ways how you can get an invitation code:

The easiest way is to contact some of your clients, preferable 3 to 5 and ask them to contact Reliable Tradesman to issue an invitation code for your business. 
Once we are contacted by your customers, we will send you an invitation code via text or email.

Another way is if you are approached by one of our representative. We are always in need for top notch tradesmen. Therefore if by any chance you have been approached by one of our representative, you will most probably receive an invitation code. 

Please DO NOT contact us to request an invitation code, as we will be unable to give you one.

Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for your interest in joining our trustfull tradesmen network.

Reliable Tradesman Team

Please fill in the below form with your query and we will get back to you.

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