About Us


Reliable Tradesman was established by a highly reputable group of tradesmen who have several years of experience in field of building and building materials. We understand that people who want to build desire to deal with competent tradesmen they can trust, and this trust between buyers and tradesmen is what we aim to establish at Reliable Tradesmen.

As a result, we are careful when it comes to selecting tradesmen to join our platform, and to make it customer friendly, we have a developed a Viva Voce system that allows customers to recommend a tradesman they trust. Our platform also permits suppliers and shops that are into the building trade to join our community and have the chance to advertise their services and products through our network.

As a member, you stand to enjoy great benefits from our exclusive membership packages which have been carefully designed to richly reward every user of our platform. Customers are free to choose any reliable trademan or supplier, just as trademen can also select a supplier they like on the sole condition that they are all active members on our platform.

Being a member gives you the chance to advertise your business and connect with thousands of new customers. In this arrangement, everybody is a winner. Should you have any questions or enquiries, we would be glad to help you.

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